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an innovative start-up

A start-up created in 2017, MCLedger specializes in innovative Cloud, AI and Blockchain solutions in the logistics and finance sectors.

MCLedger imagines, develops and deploys innovative services to reduce the share of CO2 emissions in the transport of goods and to secure financial flows.


  • Business skills acquired in the major sectors of logistics and finance
  • Team working in Agile and Scrum methods
  • Listening and dedicated service for our customers
  • Listening
  • Kindness
  • Perseverance
  • Equivalent opportunities regardless of gender
  • Different cultures from 3 continents Europe, Africa and America
  • Commitment to the preservation of the planet – Coq Vert Partner



MCLedger actively participates in reducing the share of CO2 emissions in transport (30% of global emissions) – by promoting "green" modes such as rail and transport pooling.

1) We are committed to protecting the planet – by providing our customers with the CO2 measurement & calculation tools they need to prioritize routes and modes “green” transport solutions – encouraging them to make more “green” choices through the rewards they obtain (GESCOIN our token rewards project).

2) We are Coq Vert partners. Several of our projects are or have been supported by ADEME.

Olivier Maurel

Olivier Maurel


How is MCLEDGER a committed and innovative start-up?

MCLedger's mission is to develop innovative digital platforms offering logistics services.

We are committed to helping companies solve their visibility problem while reducing their transportation costs and allowing them to make better choices for the planet.

What is MCLEDGER's ambition?

MCLEDGER's ambition is to reduce the number of trucks on the road and transfer this to less polluting alternative transport solutions such as the train and the river.

Transport represents 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, it is high time to decarbonize our transport.

75% of European goods transport is by road.

However, road transport pollutes 10x more than the train, instead of 45 trucks, we can use a train and save 93% of Co2 emissions!

Rail is the key to the decarbonization of land transport, it is a short-term and effective solution!

The other solutions such as decarbonated hydrogen are on the horizon of 10 years.

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