FARM TO FORK webinar – Exploring European Greentechs

Join us for the online webinar
The Farm to Fork Strategy

Vendredi 13 Mai 2022
Événement en ligne • Organisé par European Champions Alliance

In this series, European Champoins Alliance will explore the state of the European GreenTech along with the eight policy areas of the EU GreenDeal: Clean energy, sustainable industry, building and renovation, farm to fork, eliminating pollution, biodiversity, and sustainable mobility.
But most of all, they'll try to answer the following questions: what are the innovative solutions that already exist, and who are the actors tackling the European Green Agenda?

Beyond being an informative session, this webinar will enable you to connect with some key players building a sustainable future, creating a vibrant pan-European community, and thus empowering the growth of European GreenTech champions.

In this webinar, they will take a closer look at the Farm to Fork strategy with a focus on sustainable food production and distribution.

After presenting the state of the European GreenTech landscape based on our analysis of over 3000 European GreenTech companies together with U-Change tool Motherbase, this webinar will dive deeper into three innovative solutions from fantastic start-ups that found ways to make daily consumption greener, healthier , and of course more sustainable.
It is in this context that Susan Haimet, CRO of MCLEDGER will intervene.

Join us & look forward to an interactive session with us, where we will exchange knowledge and discuss relevant issues in the field of GreenTech!

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